January 31, 2016

Interesting spam mail. Example on how not to write an email

The text in bold trigger many how/why/how-much questions. 
From: Smriti Khanna  

Subject: Google Position

Email Body:


I trust you are doing well.
I was doing some research on some of your competitors’ websites when I came across your site: 

Looks like you have an emerging brand name but finding it little difficult to outperform your competitors. Especially when it comes to getting the number of business leads? I ran an analysis on your site “www.zoho.com” using one of our software and found simple coding & optimization issues that are harming your search rankings pretty bad.

Would you be interested in having SEO work for your website? I would be more than happy to send all the detail about our portfolio & past client’s testimonials to you. All I want is the opportunity to discuss how I could help improve the profitability and search traffic to your site?

Let us know your requirement from your website; we make you sure to full fill it.

Email us back to get a full quote which will improve your sales and website ranking too. Hope to get early response.

Kind Regards,
Smriti Khanna
Online Marketing Executive
Services: - SEO, SMO, website Development, etc.