April 17, 2015

Radio Stations in Rhytmbox

The following command can be used to find the URL and title of radio stations present in Rhythmbox.

cat ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml | grep "\(title\)\|\(location\)"

April 2, 2015

Your own Thunderbird Conversation View -- no addons

  1. Click on New Message -> Saved Search
  2. In the Window
    1. Give your folder a name.
    2. Create as sub folder of Local Folder
    3. Choose the Inbox, Sent, Draft, and any other folders that you would like to include.
    4. In the Match criteria
      1. Select To, From, BCC, or CC 
      2. Select contains
      3. Enter the domain of your account, for example if your account is abc@pqr.com, enter pqr.com
      4. Enter  Create
  3. Click on the folder created.