March 24, 2014

One sentence per line

I have been using a new style for writing tex files and emails.
It is one sentence per line.
It was suggested by my flatmate and it sounded a bit weird in the beginning.
But with time, I realized it is useful for tex files and emails.

For tex files, you can see clearly see how long your sentences are.
For beginners like me, it offers a handy way to see if you are using the same set of words to start the sentence.
I remember editing a paragraph where each sentence began with an indeed :). 
Another benefit of this style is that it helps identify really loooong sentences.
For example, if your text editor starts to wrap the text then it means you might need to rephrase the text under question because you might have a lot of redundant text which is an outcome of the convoluted thoughts screwing your brain  when you are trying to focus on writing.
This style also aids in identifying missing punctuation such as commas because it makes it easy to focus on individual sentences.

For emails, one can reply to individual sentences.
This is particularly useful when people bottom post replies.
For example, if you ask a question in your email then the response can be written just below the question.
Individual sentences can be replied to, and the auxiliary sentences can be ignored or removed in the replies.  

I have been finding this style useful.
Thank you Filip for this wonderful tip!