July 29, 2013

Storm in Nice

Monday, 29 July 2013, was to some extent unforgettable. It began with the storm that caught me by surprise.

The bike ride up to nice parking was like riding in heaven, cool sea breeze, surprisingly well oiled velo blue, the clouds rumbling and teasing with light drizzles. I thought I could make it to the airport and decided to continue biking.

Once I crossed the smelly nice parking bend and started rolling parallel to the aircraft hangers, the clouds decided to make me nostalgic. They showered me like their counterparts have showered me in Mumbai and coastal Karnataka and cherrapunjee.
I was completely wet. Only a small part of my shirt, tucked in my shorts, was dry. Luckily, I as planning to run into the afternoon so I could change to something decent once I reached my office.
By noon things became clear and I could enjoy an amazing run in the forests at Sophia. The soft mud was perfect for running