March 25, 2013

Google Tasks (Canvas Mode)

Tasks is by far one of the most useful and yet one of the most inaccessible tools developed by Google.

The best way to access tasks is by using tasks in canvas mode. Surprisingly, apart from iGoogle, which will soon shut down, no other google application such as calendar or email, renders tasks as beautifully as iGoogle!

The good think is that the canvas mode can be accessed via the link

March 8, 2013

Why do the IIT undergrads spam?

Dear Professor Rao,

I am Chamchuram, nth year undergraduate student of godknowswhat
Engineering(Bachelor of Technology program) at Indian Institute of
Technology, (www.****) Timbuktu, India. I came to know about you 
from your research paper "One of my toilet papers". 

I am writing this mail to request you to provide me with an opportunity to undertake research internship under your able guidance during summers 2013 (May-July). I am willing to apply
for the "Charpak" scholorship (details can be found at )
under your esteemed guidance.s 

During my undergraduate studies, I have developed an interest "in all what you like that I copied from your homepage." I have done courses on all important stuff.

I have also undertook the following projects to gain insight into the
various areas of Electrical Engineering.

      1) Pinky and Brain take over the world
      2) Why did the chicken cross the road? Why did Fred marry Wilma?
I am comfortable with mathematical and simulation tools like "all what I heard to be important." I am an avid programmer and possess good programming
skills in *, *++.

I believe that my knowledge in the field of **** and
coupled with the dedication and commitment I work with, will lead to some
productive research work and make my internship truly fruitful. Though
my experience is not much significant, I assure you that it will not be a
matter of concern as I enjoy a steep learning curve.

I have attached my resume along with this mail for your perusal. I shall
be highly grateful to you if you provide me an opportunity to explore
academic opportunities in your group.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely