December 24, 2012

An unforgettable incident

This incident that happened to me some time in August 2009 just before I was leaving for France. The first part of what happened is fresh in my mind but what followed is really hazy.

I was with my mother and we were doing some shopping at M.G. Road, Pune. Because it was raining and I had parked my car about 500 m from where we were, I asked my mother to wait near a sandwich shop that had some shelter. On reaching my car I realized that some one had parked a car right behind my car. Normally, under such "normal" circumstances, there is someone sitting in such cars but sadly no one was there. Luckily there was a parking attendant who hands out parking tickets but he was of no help. I  got into my car and honked a couple of times to get some attention but then no response. I remember waiting for slightly more than two minutes but then my patience ran out thanks to the pouring rain. I asked the parking attendant if there was a police van nearby because I wanted to complain, but the poor guy gave me a helpless look. I asked him to help me flatten the tyres because I did not want the car to leave when the police arrive. On seeing us bending near the tyres, two guys and one girl who were in the shop right in front of my car came running towards this car. I remember seeing them in the shop when I honking and they could see me all this time. The two guys then rolled their sleeves and asked, "itni kya jaldi hai. kaunsa bada kaam karne jaa rahe ho" (why are you in a hurry? what important task are you going to do? .. and something of that crap).  I was pissed off and I said something like "chal chal chup chap gaadi nikaal .. behaas karne ke liye time nahi hai " (just move your car quietly.. i do not have time for you guys). One of them replied, "abe gaadi nahi nikala to kya karlega be tu " (what will you do if I do not remove the car). On which I replied, "police ko bula uske baad dekthe hai kya kar sakta hun" (call the police and we will see what I can do). Then they started showing their true colors and one of them said, "Police ki dhamki kise deta hai be.. Tu jaanta hai hum kaun hai .. law students.. aur hamare ghar main saare lawyers hai..  kya kar lega be tu .. ek case main ander daalenge jindagi bhar court main sadta rahega" (why are you threatening us with police, you do not know who we are, we are law students coming from a family of lawyers, we will put you in some case where you will rot running from one court to another). At this I got really pissed off and before I could react, I heard something really nasty. I seriously do not remember who said these sentences, and the exact sentence, but it included something like "abe is chikne ko mere rape case main jail bhejte hai .. dektha hai kya karlega saala" (we will file a case saying this guy raped me) .. To be honest, I only remember the words (chikne, mere,  rape case, jail, saale) and most of which coming from the girl followed by some sentences and a laughter that still haunts me at times. I remember  dashing off to my car, starting it,  and blowing the horn. I do not remember exactly what happened next. When I had regained my senses I was in my car with the engine running and the parking attendant knocking my car window and saying saying "te gele saheb" .. (they have left). The first part of this incident is fresh but sadly most of the end is hazy.

There are many conclusions that can be drawn, but for some weird reason I am really glad in a selfish way that I locked myself in the car rather than getting involved in a fight. At times I feel stupid because I did not note down the registration number of the car. If I had a smart phone may be a picture of their car and so on. There are many things I could have done and many things that I should not have done. I am glad, as I said before in a selfish way, that I did not do the things I should not have done.