January 24, 2011

Honest and Stable Government: Is existence of India as a country a random miracle?

In the last few weeks I read two interesting status messages on facebook.
  1. You can bring the horse to the well, but you cannot force it to drink. But if you bring it 2, 3 times to the well and he still doesn't want to drink, then it is probably a donkey.
  2. Une phrase qui tourne en ce moment..."un président qui s'enfuit, un premier ministre qui pleure à la télé, un blogueur qui sort de prison pour devenir secrétaire d'État, un juge exclu d'un plateau de télé, une manif de flic, un avocat qui fait la circulation, des patron qui se font licenciés par les employeurs...est ce qu'il y a un gros nuage de fumée de cannabis qui passe au dessus du pays???? (Last sentence asks if there is a dense cloud of cannabis passing over my country).
The first is in the context of Belgium and the second in the context of Tunisia. Both countries are currently in desperate need for a stable and honest government. In contrast, the Indian government is toiling hard to show that these two words, stable and honest, are logical complements of each other and do not complement each other. In India there exists a government, at least on paper; but it is doing everything apart from governing and is busy enacting the meaning of the word "sucks". It is using stability as an excuse for being completely dishonest and showing the world what it is to be absolutely corrupt and suck the nation dry. One thing that I like about this government is that it has shown that independence is an on going process and it is wrong to say India gained Independence in 1947. It always amazed me how a handful of Britishers (less than 100,000) colonize a country. In fact they could because there were agents like the ones we now have outside every government office; agents who are willing to sell everything. And when I mean everything, I mean each and everything that is on this Earth -- from humans as slaves (human trafficking of girls from the north-east for forceful polyandry to counter skewed sex ratios -- modern day draupadis in Punjab), to the land (we even have our military having dirtying their hands in Adarsh and the Sukhna land scam), and natural resources (how can we forget the iron-fisted Reddy brothers and coal mafia operating with the blessing of Soren). To be frank, I thank this government for showing everyone in the world that from a Birth certificate to the Death Certificate one might have to pay a bribe in India.
Satish Acharyas Cartoon
Satish Acharya's Cartoons
Further, this corruption is not limited to the public sector. With the Radia tapes Indians have shown the world that US style lobbying fortified with the powers and thinking of an Indian dalaal (agent) can be used by the private sector to sell to the country. With Manmohan Singh at the helm, there was a glimmer of hope. However with time it has become clear that this glimmer is basically the light being used by the UPA to misguide the Indians on the road to hell.

Well this road to hell was evident with the appointment of Bureaucrats. To begin, take MS Gill, the current sports minister who was in the past the Chief Election Commisioner. Now the very MS Gill is the member of the Congress. How can one believe that all his decisions taken as the CEC was not to please a a particular party. The same is true for Navin Chawla. Speaking of bureaucrats, this government has taken the country to new lows by the appointment of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner; the one responsible for blowing the lid of the scams. Can Manmohan Singh explain the motives behind his insistence on having a scam tainted bureaucrat to head the Central Vigilance Commission. To make matters worse, how can one expect a bureaucrat to investigate the $38 billion telecom scam that took place when he was the top ranked bureaucrat in the telecom ministry. Also given this mentality how can one expect this government to bring the $1.4 trillion dollars of unaccounted money back to India; money whose source includes hawala, drugs, arms trading, human trafficking, and I guess the deeds which even God doesn't know and might be ashamed to see.

At times it is hard to comprehend what India gained from Independence. Yes we have freedom of speech -- however this is abused big time by the Geelani family, Arundhati Roy, and recently Digvijay Singh to speak complete nonsense. We were supposed to have equality but we have a potential prime-minister, Rahul Gandhi, who visits a house because it is a Dalit's house and not because it is a house of a fellow human being let alone an Indian. To be frank the ruling class and the babus have shown that there exists no discipline in India and at the same time indiscipline is being used as a metric to show the power. Basically in the last 60 years we have overthrown the true leaders who fought for Independence and replaced them with the very bullies who sold the country to the Britishers; this time however they are selling it to themselves.

The only positive side is that India continues to give birth to the ones like Homi Bhabha, Abdul Kalam, and millions of selfless and true Karma-Yogis, whose names will never appear in any history book; these nameless individuals are responsible for the existence of this country as they are miraculously unaffected by the cloud of the cannabis smoked by the ruling class. I only hope that the existence of my country is not some random miracle.

January 9, 2011

Friends on Facebook

Friends on Facebook

The R code used to generate the above plot. [This is my first plot using R.]
plot(x, y, xlab='Time spent on facebook (hours/day)', ylab='Fraction of "friends" you actually socialize with', type='line', lwd=3, cex.lab=1.5, cex.axis=1.5, xaxs='i', yaxs='i')