September 3, 2007


15th of August, the day India became independent. Its the day when all you hear are patriotic songs and their remixes. Plastic flags that end up in drains and garbage dump are sold in every corner by children who don't even know the meaning of freedom. Well if you look at it does the person buying these flags know the true meaning of freedom. What exactly is freedom ? Just close your eyes and think. Freedom, Freedom and Freedom. The first thoughts that come to your mind are the sepia version of the documentaries and the photos present in the history books. But, the true question still remains unanswered. Freedom from what and most important, Why? The what portion is easily answered but the why is more tricky? Each one of us will get different answers to these questions. The situation then is not different from the situation today. The struggle for freedom should not stop at independence from the British. The true essence of freedom it lies in the ongoing quest for freedom. Independence was just coming out of the womb. Freedom is separation from the umbilical cord.