June 1, 2013

Imperialism and America

Some nice take aways from this talk
1) Expansion as a strategy to ensure security.
2) Salt water fallacy.
3) Wilsonian idealism:  McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonald's (Douglas).
4)  George Kennan Pps 23. Maintain a disparity such that 6% of population controls half the worlds wealth and 6%of population and must maintain this disparity. Despite such statements Kennan removed as soft hearted!
5) Cold war as War of us against third world. Use other power as pretext to quel nationalism in each ones backyard.
6) Nationalism is a virus -- Kissinger. Small weak countries to be crushed as an example.
7) End of cold war:  Change from weapon rich target to target rich region.
8) Two principles of rule (bullying): i). We own the world, and  ii). Everything we do is done with the best of intentions
9) Oil sanctions made directors of oil for food program resign because they considered sanctions to be genocidal.

I really liked the way in which he ends the talk. Despite all the crazy facts the talk ends with a positive and optimistic note,  "On issue after issue the major problems happen to be right here, which is a very optimistic conclusion, because it means we can do something about it. It is here where we can have an influence, not elsewhere."

The calm manner with which he handled the first question is breathtaking -- worthy of the applause he receives.

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