July 30, 2012

Settle Down

Please settle down!
When I was a kid, most of the classes in my school began with the phrase "Settle down boys." At that time settle down meant different things for my classmates. For some it meant stopping the fights with dirty glances of resuming them during the break and sitting on a desk; for some it meant to show how prompt they were at their homework; for some the excuse to give as to why they did not do their homework and so on. But as time flew the definition of settle down tends to converge to attain meanings that were specific to age.

Where will you settle down?
During my years of engineering, the question of settling down meant what you planned to do next in life. Marriage with a person was in the back of the head for some of my classmates but for most it what which career path they are planning to take. Majority of my classmates decided to pursue a masters in the US, the rest wanted to work for a couple of years before choosing between an MBA, or an MS, or being satisfied with their current degree. Only a couple of my friends, who were among the best in my class, decided to go for a career in the military -- they could not imagine a life without a kukri in their hand.  

Have you settled down?
While working in companies and during internships Have you settled down! on migrating to different cities. At times I felt like blurting "I haven't found anyone interesting yet" to lighten the mood ;). During my masters the word settle down was associated with the place you wanted to live and at time with the person with whom you wanted to live. By this time marriage had started to take more than the desired fair share in the minds of most of my my friends. For me however it was the realization of being in a journey which led me away from the scale of 1 in the dawkins index.

With whom will you settle down?
 As my PhD studies began, the pressure to get married began from my parents, married friends, and most of all my relatives. Sadly no matter how pleasant arranged marriage has been for some of my friends, it gives me the creeps. I must confess that  I am very indecisive -- even while shopping in the supermarket,  I randomly select the brand of honey I buy; its fine if the bottle of honey is adulterated with granules of sugar -- you can dump it without the bottle complaining to its parents and its parents coming to skin you alive. Arranged marriage for me is like getting married during the first date or marrying someone by reading the content description on the box that contains a living human being! In terms of finding a person to live with, thanks to listening to tons of "Bhaja Govindam" as a kids, each time I get horny I tend to remember the verse "it is just a transformation of the food eaten." No matter how much I like to eat I will never marry my lunch. Well most of my friends have rightly told me that I tend to think a lot -- I can't help it. I agree I like the ones I meet at school, work, and parties,  but for some reason I prefer to have them as friends and move on with my life. To be honest the question of settle down gives me the creeps.


Will I ever settle down? (Is P=NP?)

I do not know. And with time passing I am getting more and more confident that I do not think so. I must confess that at times I have taken decisions that appear to be completely random -- so I seriously do not know if I will ever settle down.

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