May 18, 2012

Wish-list of potential candidates for the Presidential race

The irony and  misfortune of India is that the worst rubber stamp was put forward as a symbol of female empowerment. It was really shameful to see one of the best presidents, Abdul Kalam, being replaced by one of the worst presidents India ever had. I am so upset by her performance that I do not want to type he name. Now for the current elections my wish-list of potential presidents is as follows. 
  1. AK Antony: I have put him in the top of the list because he has been in politics for a long time. Despite his long tenure he has a saintly clean figure. His positive points are that he knows how to run governments and how governments run. He is also a master of how to keep people at bay. I really admire him because he has done a really nice job in cleaning some of the mess in the armed forces. Also he is one the few Indian MPs  who take oath by affirmation. His biggest strength is that he is largely powerless. However I believe in times of calamity it is time for Saint Antony to pick up the sword. I hope he awakens from his slumber because the country needs people like him to wake up!
  2. General VK Singh: After a very long time we have a commander who is clean and who has the conviction to keep the armed forces clean. Any soldier would be proud to be given a medal from him as the President.  He has done a magnificent job in cleaning the mess in the armed forces and he needs to be elevated to the to the task of cleaning all the other departments of the country. 
  3. P Sainath. He does not need any introduction has seen the villages. He knows the the true strengths and weaknesses of this country. He can see the impact of policies. He knows the impact and the power of the knowledge and what it takes to take knowledge to the grass roots of the country. He is well versed with the true picture of the problems faced by the majority of the population.
  4. CNR Rao: A man of science who has a clean image. He is the current scientific advisor and is worthy of being elevated to the post of the President.
  5. Sudha Murthy: If India needed a female president then it would have been really nice if she had become the first female president. She is the one who provide the seed funding for one of the largest corporations in the world. She has travelled the corners of the country and knows the the complete divide and the hardships faced by the people.  Sadly rather than a person like her we had the dishonour of having one of the most controversial persons as the president. 
Some might say Anna Hazare, however the problem with people like Anna Hazare is that they prefer to be outside the system and criticize it rather than cleaning it from the inside like Gen. V. K. Singh. This  is the reason why I have Gen. V.K. Singh and C.N.R Rao in this list and not Anna Hazare. I was a fan of Kiran Bedi however her theatrics have undone a lot of the respect she had gained. I hope that is she is able to regain the trust and respect she had before the Anti Corruption Movement began.

In any case I see that in the end some unworthy spineless human will be elected as the President of India. For the sake of my country I only hope that this is not true.

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