November 16, 2010

An Obama Diwali

Diwali is the time of the year when shopkeepers make the most of the temptation to spend. Well the biggest shopkeeper just visited India and returned as a demi-god thanks to the "Athithi Devo Bhava" philosophy. Indians expected this visitor to be a Nobel Atithi - he however turned out to be a very shrewd businessman in a Nobel Athithi's clothing.

Barak Obama came, saw, and conquered (just fell short of plundering). He just showed what a bunch of spineless leaders we really have. It is pretty clear that his visit was not mutually satisfying. America's gain dwarfs even the illusion of gain which India was shown. He left with jobs for America and yes mesmerized the press with perfect diplomatic sentences such as, "That is why I can say today — in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member." One question to Mr. Obama - just how many years did you say? On Headley, USA just showed that India has the duty of being resilient but not the right to have a concern let alone voice the concern. I just wonder what would have been the reaction of the US if India hid the information of a double agent who was plotting against the US.

India is not a friend of the US; it is just a market or should I say dumping ground. Have we forgotten the Congress grass that plagues almost every district of the country. Why is India pushing for untested and potential dangerous agri-tech from the US (Article by TJS George on this issue)? Why are they not safe for use in the US but safe for India? If we are really a developed nation, then why these double standards? For the last two decades China is a manufacturing hub for America, and India's vast population its market. If Obama was really concerned of Indo-US business trade, he would not have skipped Bangalore or have a phobia of being Bangalored. He did not come to improve trade, he just came to sell stuff. His magical spell worked so well that the Indian press completely forgot that India has (at least on paper) a President and it is not Barak Obama.

One thing that hurt me (personally) the most was his statement, "Strong, peaceful Pakistan is in India's interest." Can he make such statements in China about the dams they are building or the troop movements they are capable of? Then why should India care what he says? To be frank, for the last 60 years Indians would have been much more happier if they had a strong and stable Pakistan, rather than a one being run by the sympathizers of Taliban. One can draw a simple analogy from cricket. Indian cricketers would love to face the bowling a person like Wasim Akram who truly loves Pakistan than the playing with guys like Sohail Tanvir who make public statements full of hate such as "Hinduon ki zahaniyat hi aisi hai". Any sane International Cricket team would prefer to face the Pakistan that won the world cup rather than a team full of match fixers and their sympathizers. Similarly, India would have loved to have a stable Pakistan as its neighbor rather than one run by the Taliban and its sympathizers. Saldy, India and Pakistan has to suffer the legacy of Zia-ul-Haq and the mess US created while fighting a proxy war against the ailing Soviets. Another question:

To conclude, Obama is a capable of doing great things. However he received far more attention than he deserved, and India got far less compared to what it truly deserves. I only hope and pray for a better leader to lead India who knows who is an Athithi and who is a shopkeeper...

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