November 7, 2010

Moving from Sophia Antipolis to Nice

This week I moved from Sophia Antipolis to Nice. The reason was I needed a change; a change from my monotonous schedule. I was getting used to being in Sophia Antipolis and I was worried that I am being addicted to the relaxed life in Sophia Antipolis.

Staying in Sophia Antipolis was literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air. My studio was really nice and close to INRIA. Being close to INRIA was a big plus point as I was not worried about missing the buses while coming to work. However the lack of buses on weekends was one my reasons for moving out. I was also worried that I was making my studio a cocoon and it was time that I came out from my cocoon. The more I delayed it, the more difficult it would have been to get out of it. These feelings are similar to the ones I heard about the X+1 syndrome. I had delayed my move by about 1 year and I realized I was slowly becoming a slave to procrastination.

Sophia Antipolis was really relaxing and it had life in the form of birds, foxes (I saw a baby fox on my way back in 2009 winter) and wild boars (which I did not see during my stay). Nice on the other hand is a micro version Mumbai. A city close to the sea and people crowding the bus stops from 7 in the morning; peak hour traffic from 6 in the evening and night-life till 5 in the morning. I had visited Nice many times and I fell in love with the sea the first time I saw it while my plane landed at Nice. I had always love the sea, thanks to listening to my mothers childhood memories of Kundapur and having the swamps between Diva junction and Thane as an indication of being close to my uncle's home in Mulund.

My first weekend at Nice was the Diwali night and I cannot forget it as Hu Jintao decided to spend his Diwali in Nice. The 2 hours it took me to reach Nice from Sophia Antipolis reminded me of the the 3 hours it used to take me from ITPL to Vijayanagara when the BBMP decided to experiment with the Magic Box at the Cauvery Junction. Thanks to Hu Jintao, there were police everywhere in Nice and yes they appeared stressed and frustrated. I had seen similar faces during the bandobasts I used to see in Delhi and Pune.

To conclude, I guess the jitters of doing something different, something new, and the hope of having a nice time in Nice have resulted in this post. I just hope and pray that I perform better when I am living in Nice.

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