November 12, 2010

Buddhi and the Coalition Dharma

बुद्धि (Buddhi) and धर्मा (Dharma) are two Sanskrit words that do not have an equivalent in English or any Latin based language. Their meaning is supposed to be imbibed in the very essence that makes us Indians. When our Buddhi tells us that something is not right, it is our Dharma to take appropriate action. Each Dharma comes with actions to be performed and right now we are witnessing the actions of a new Dharma. It goes by the name Coalition Dharma. So what exactly is Coalition Dharma. Here is what I have seen in the last few years...
  1. Let us first have a look at the party which projects itself as the one that has the copyright on the Bhagvad Geeta. Does anyone remember a person called Shibu Soren. Four years ago, the BJP was trying its best to skin this guy alive. A couple of years later they decide to dress him with an armor called Chief Minister. Then one fine day they decide to strip him naked and don the armor themselves. I guess life of Schrodingers Cat is more predictable than the future of Jharkhand.
  2. Does any one remember the circumstances when a party called the Nationalist Congress Party was created? On May 20, 1999, Sharad Pawar and three of his friends were expelled for revolting against Sonia Gandhi. According to its website, the NCP claims to be "a true inheritor of the rich and glorious political legacy handed to the Indian National Congress (INC) by early stalwarts like ...(infinite list of every person whose name can be found in 3rd standard history textbook)". Sadly in their zeal for nationalism they forgot the name of the congress founder Alan Hume. Well I am not sure if any Nationalism still exists in this party, as they are busy plundering Maharashtra for close to a decade now with the Congress Party.
  3. My knowledge of Communism is limited however even a little Buddhi can tell that one Communist pointing guns at the other seems to be wrong. Further, they claim to be secular and yet have an on and off relationship with the Indian Union Muslim League. How according to any communist ideology a political party that has the name of a religion be secular?
    Satish Acharya
  4. About the Congress. They are the ones who taught India its current version of Coalition Dharma. They started by giving us Deve Gowda as the PM. Now as their power has increased their Dharma has evolved to new heights. To become part of their Dharma one has to worship their three demi-gods: Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi. A footnote read while being introduced to their Dharma is the that one has secretly worship Sonia. Once this is done you become part of their Dharma which is part of the grand Coalition Dharma.

Satish Acharya

One of the best cartoons talking about the insanity called Coalition Dharma is the above cartoon by Satish Acharya. Such promiscuous behavior just shows the lack of any Buddhi in the Coalition Dharma. It just highlights the true essence of this Dharma which has its root in corruption. A good proof of the corruption being the only motivating factor in politics is the following video.

This video from Pakistan sheds light on the mentality of all the politicians in the sub-continent. The politician being questioned says "We have a right on being corrupt. A party can be less corrupt only if it is not in power." This is true and is inline with an age old saying, "power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Coalition Dharma leads the politicians to absolute power and we are now facing what is absolute corruption. Sadly, the insensitivity towards stopping this absolute corruption is now making the Buddhi present in the Indians obsolete; and we all know that a country can exists only if there is some Buddhi in its citizens.

To conclude, like the current version of Coalition politics, this article is a jugaad of weird stuff that comes to the mind. I couldn't help it. All what I see in the current version of coalition politics was a big time jugaad to ensure a better loot. Have a nice look at Jayalalitha's offer to UPA II, the operation Kamala and Jharkhand alliance of the BJP with Soren, Mamta and DMK calling the shots in UPA II. Coalition is fine, but good coalitions are becoming as rare as good politicians. This feeling of spiraling down in a bottom less pit is making me really sick and hence this sick blog post.


Ashwin Rao said...

From my friend:
Ashwin your current write up is perhaps as shallow as it gets when it comes to political commentary. It's put together so shabbily that I hardly know where to begin my comment in defence of coalition. You run from pillar to post looking for stories for half baked logic about a far from formed, idea.

First on let me ask you, don't we all do coalitions? Do we all not choose the lesser evil in our lives? As much as I hate the guts of hegemonists from Delhi, I cannot side with separatists in Kashmir. Will I be wrong in choosing the lesser evil? Will it be called a compromise or a would we call it strategy?

Besides what is India but a coalition of many nationalities and multiple sects? What is Indian history if not a saga of coalitions aeons before we spoke the English language or wrote blogs? What is plurality and democracy if not a coalition of competing ideas?

The common people of India did not have the fancy wish for a regional party just like that one fine day. Had it not been for "coalition dharma" we would not have had a Nitish Kumar, Buddhadev Bhattacharya / or Navin Pattanayak. We would have had stooges of Delhi. Had it not been for "coalition dharma" Indian democracy could well have been reduced to the farce of American choice between Clinton and Bush.

Of course "coalition dharma" is flawed and there's rampant corruption. Why just the government which private enterprise functions without it? Who do you think benefits from corrupt politicians like A Raja? Or perhaps million dollar deals signed behind the scenes with American software MNCs?

We live in a society whose entire basis is exploitation of some form or the other and the consumption and channeling of the spoils of exploits. So is it lack of buddhi that stops you from seeing that corruption is a foregone conclusion or is it your political dharma that forces you to feign blindness?

Ashwin Rao said...

My response:
I am not against coalitions. I am only worried that the coalition politics in its current form is not healthy. It is taking the country to new lows and the lower we get the more difficult it will be to get up.
Q: Will I be wrong in choosing the lesser evil? Will it be called a compromise or a would we call it strategy?
A: Choosing the lesser evil is fine but realizing that the lesser evil is transforming into absolutely evil is even more important. You should at all times reject the absolute evil. Your buddhi tells you which is which. Signing deals with US is fine, but becomings its puppet is not. Coalition with a partner who respects you is fine, but dancing only to the tune of your partner(s) is not. Also the lesser evil should be stopped from killing its nemesis - an even lesser evil which could be an even better partner.

Q. Who do you think benefits from corrupt politicians like A Raja?
A: I am concerned that the government did not benefit. An auction could have ensured that both the Government and the private entities could have benefited. The ones who got the licences could get them only because A Raja was corrupt. If there was a good leader in his place, despite the fact that these weird companies existed the government would have benefited. The ones worthy of the deals, whether they were willing to the bribe the minister or not, would have got the license. Raja ensured that corruption is the only option available. It is like going to an RTO office and the officer telling you that you have to come with an agent.

Q: So is it lack of buddhi that stops you from seeing that corruption is a foregone conclusion or is it your political dharma that forces you to feign blindness?
A: Corruption is disease that shall always exist. What matters is whether you have succumbed to this corruption or not; where has corruption been able to infiltrate; who is corrupt; what is the impact of corruption; how are the corrupt being treated; and how many people are affected by corruption. Corruption is a disease that affects the integrity of a person. The ones who are corrupt should be quarantined as they are unfit to handle jobs that demand responsibility of any kind. In case of any organization the ones responsible for the smooth functioning of an organization are expected to be free from corruption. The extent to which you consider a given functioning to be smooth defines the people whom you wish to be non corrupt.

Q: "Just read your own sentence. You have answered your question in the first 6 words itself."
A: I have to improve my English. The feedback I receive tells me that I have a really long long long long .... way to go to reach to your level.