August 10, 2010

The Great Indian Tamasha: Common Wealth Games

Some time last week I burst out laughing after lunch while reading an article. I guess it was the this one, the one with pots worth 43 lakhs. When I told my bemused labmate that the scarry laugh was regarding the corruption at the Common wealth games, he looked even more confused and gave me the most common italian hand gesture.

Publicity यह क्या है?

During this gesture I realized the amount of the so called crappy publicity this games gives. This is not the Olympics, this is not even the Asian Games; this is some event where countries once under the military presence of a common country come together. I guess it is like Iraq and Afghanistan hosting an event titled Bush tried to screw me games. Just like no other country will watch those games, these games wont be watched by anyone else. Apart from the cricket playing nations I guess no other country will ever know what happens in the first two weeks of October in Delhi. And to publicize India to these countries you don't need these games you have the bigger and sleazier tamasha called IPL.

Well having games is good. Calling it pride of the nation is good. However, giving it a blank cheque is bad. Disgracing yourself to the extent where your behavior is no different from a parasite surviving on shit is bad. There were corruptions in South Africa, there were corruptions in China as well, however the guys there were not absolutely corrupt; making money was not their primary objective, they were actually keen in hosting the respective events. In case of the common wealth games, I guess as the name suggests, most of the deals followed the golden moto of Indian civil services "सब का पैसा हो अपना". While making a tantrum over the games, the opposition is just saying "और मेरे लिए? ५% से कम नहीं लूँगा."

The Tamasha by Indian Media

The media is even funnier. The funniest video I saw was this one by Barkha Dutt; the very Barkha Dutt that once went to Kargil.

1. Look at the message being displayed. It is like an ad for Kalmadi Inc. How can you say image of India is good. It is like saying that every cow in a country is white when you come across one white cow.
2. Where are the minutes of the meeting with the London police which tells in the last minute that unless you add these security issues we will not let the event go smoothly?
3. How did he get a forged letter from the High Commission? Who is responsible for this forgery? Just think, if one government organization receives a forged letter from another government organization then who can ensure the documents in hand are the original ones? What is the result of the inquiry? International relations are at stake when forgery happens at an Indian embassy.

1. The newsreporter does not even know what prices she is talking about? Just by saying these air conditioners are bigger the matter is closed. What about air conditioners in the airport? What is the price difference in this case? No questions.
2. Nations pride using German treadmills? When everything in the planet is made in China we rent a treadmill for 3 to 4 times the price it can be bought and bring a German technician with it. Isn't there a single Indian from 1 billion people who knows the internals of a treadmill? Now how could Barkha Dutt be satisfied with this crap.

Did they learn any lessons from the Common Wealth Youth Games in Pune?

The even funnier thing is the complete lack of coordination. It was pretty much evident during the Commonwealth youth games in Pune. One fine day they lay concrete. The next day the decide they have to digg the concrete as they did not lay pipes for the telephone cables.

In the above picture you can see faint orange lines behind the trees. It is clearly visible above the "et" of the get set go slogan. These orange lines are the pipes with fiber optic cables of ISPs. These are just hanging and have been hanging till the time I left Pune last September (almost 1 year after the Common wealth youth games).

Lessons in pride.

Our dear Delhi CM Dixit recently said she was worried when she visited China before the games. Ok despite we all know that China was prepared about a year before the event let us assume what she says is true. So what if China was not prepared? It doesnt mean you should imitate China. It is like you are openly saying India follows China. How patriotic is her statement now? It is like saying Zardari is in UK when his country is reeling under floods so Manmohan Singh can go on a 50 day silence when Manipur and Nagaland are blocked.

To be frank the games are showing what we truly are:
1. A nation where there is no leader and anyone can do whatever he wants. So long as you have money you will get away with it. There is no one to take complete responsibility of anything but everyone wants to take credit of even the smallest achievement.
2. If there is anything from which a commission/bribe can be taken, it will be taken in India. I guess it is time we have "ऊपर का पैसा 101" courses in all colleges, why restrict such lesson to the IAS cream.
3. १०० मै से ९० बेईमान फिर भी मेरा भारत महान.

Well we have the Independence day this week so, despite the fact that our military generals make money of the rations of troops being stoned, despite the fact that from birth certificate to death certificate we come across दलाल's, we have to be proud. Proud not because of the 90 corrupt but because the 10 who are not corrupt are absolute gems. I salute to those 10 gems who despite being surrounded by these 90 parasites shine brighter than any star in this universe.

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