July 24, 2010

An Automatic Paper Submission Engine for Improved Acceptance Ratio


In this paper we present an automatic paper submission engine that aims at improving the acceptance ratio of any conference. We create a random title picked out from words chosen from the titles present in the proceedings of popular conferences such as SIGCOMM, SIGMETRICS, SOSP, NSDI, and Infocom. We then pick random sentences from the abstracts of these papers and create an abstract of at most 5 sentences. We then extend this algorithm for section names, section content, and even create an appendix with incomprehensible equations; we also add an acknowledgment to acknowledge all the machines used to generate the paper. We believe that this technique when integrated with any conference managing software can do wonders to improve the acceptance ratio of any conferences, especially those that no one has heard of.


We keep the rest of the content hidden from the reader due to shortage of space :).

The infinite monkey theorem


The 5 sentence abstract given above was generated by a monkey randomly clicking on the keyboard [1].

[1] Monkey1, The infinite monkey theorem, in the proceedings of First International Conference for Intelligent Monkeys.

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