February 14, 2010

Bomb Blast in Pune: Another wake up call to all of us in deep sleep

I was shocked not by the attacks that took place today in my hometown Pune, but by the response shown by most of my friends - "Pune is no longer safe", "Why Pune", "Pune destroyed by blasts" .... My friends are responding in the way the terrorists want them to -- be terrified. Further, it appears that the media has succeeded in making most of us dumb as most of us are increasingly becoming more interested in the page 3 gossip of who is sleeping with who and not on news items that matter the most. It was a matter of time that such a blast would have happened in Pune given that the LET was suspected to be giving training its cadres near Kondhwa, Pune, and the latest meeting of JUD had mentioned Pune and Kanpur along with the so called liberation of Hyderabad.

Further, despite such warnings, the police was busy dancing to the tune of vote bank politics and protecting the cinemas for the release of My Name is Khan, and acting like guard dogs in the parks, pubs, discos, and malls to enjoy the chaos which has become an annual event during valentine's day, thanks to the fundamentalists of all religions.

I am not worried about these attacks as these are slowly becoming a way of life because the administrators have long been well oiled and show no accountability and politicians are busy playing games of divide and conquer such as reservation, and vote bank politics.

We the people are also to be blamed. I am not sure how many stupid and utterly useless candle light protests will be performed, before the masses forget such incidents and get back to the self feeding cycle of giving and taking bribes for all the things from the birth-certificate to the death-certificate; performing activities to ensure that loop-holes that allow such attacks exist for another attack. If a terrorist is caught, he will be allowed to make a joke of the people who lost their lives catching him and make a mockery of the judicial system while proving Nani Palkhivala statement that the closest thing to eternity are the cases running in our courts.

Sadly the solutions to, or the measures to protect people from, such problems -- education, responsibility, and accountability -- are manipulated by the myopic aspirations of the people and especially by those in power. So, as long as we continue with an irresponsible life based on the statement "शिवाजी जन्मावा पण, शेजारच्या घरात" (may Shivaji be born but let him be born in the neighbors house), and wait for a rebirth of Mahatma Gandhi, we should continue to expect such attacks.

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