December 28, 2009

The Sour Fruits of Delayed Justice

Well call it coincidence or stars deciding to expose the cream of the sleazy administrators in India. First it was Rathore and as the candles of protest were burning, the media found another fodder for their TRPs, the 84 year old governor of AP who seems to be testing his virility like King David.

Here are a few thought that crossed my mind regarding the case of Rathore:

1. He is a fully decorated officer and was promoted when there was case of sexual abuse against him. Further, he had allegedly molested a minor. Now how could a man be promoted if he has such cases against him?
A simple answer is that the laws in India assume a person to be innocent until proven guilty. Now even a child can tell that this gives a loop hole which can be used by people like Rathore to delay the justice; thus justifying his broad smile after hearing the verdict of Rs 1000 fine for molesting a girl 19 years ago.

2. What about the school that expelled the girl on flimsy ground. Did it succumb to pressure? Who were the ones who put pressure on the school and who from the school put pressure on the child? Aren't they equally responsible for the death of a child?

3. Now even if Rathore was promoted, how come medals were awarded to him. Why didn't the media protest when a tainted cop was being honoured?

4. Why weren't candles lit and protest marches held when this cop was continuing to harass the family of girl who killed herself because she couldn't stand the torture unleashed by this demon?

5. Why did the IAS/IPS seniors who recommend these medals turn a blind eye to this case?
These guys who were responsible for Rathores promotion are equally guilty as they ensured delay of justice. They along with the cops who were acting as contract criminals should be tried along with Rathore.

6. Rathore is 67 years old. If he had died before this verdict, he would have died as a fully decorated officer. May be he would have been recommended for a Presidential medal or had a few busts erected in his home town. This case would have been closed, and this case would have been written off by the media as case aimed at maligning people holding key positions. Now even if he dies tomorrow he would have lived the life of king. He was about 50 years when the case first came up, so he has enjoyed a life of watching his kids grow, which sadly the parents of the girl could not. So is the statement, अंत मै जीत सत्य कि होती हैं (In the end the truth prevails), is any good. It just says, there exists an end, and the end the truth prevails when this event called end occurs. However, it does not specify how much time is there till the end, and how much agony to suffer till this end comes. And what is there after the end. Is it a life of happiness. If Rathore dies today, the truth has come out but what about the 19 years of agony?

Now to the second case, N.D Tiwari trying to mimic King David.

1. A potential prime minister, a person who was the CM in 2 states, and while the public property is burning in AP, a potential ruler of a state during Presidential rule. This 84 year old pimp, was caught in a comatose position with young girls from his home state of Uttaranchal. The girls were allegedly brought to him by a lady who was promised some crap if the delivery was made. Sadly, the lady wanted more, so this sleaze came up. This guy is 84 years old. As in the case of Rathore if would have died before these clips were made public, the media would have had articles of his greatness, courtesy the publicity department of the political party to which he would have been affiliated at the time of his death.

2. Now if this guy at 84 years has such a strong libido, just imagine the number of girls whose lives he has destroyed during his rise in the sleaze of politics. What about those cases. If he had done such stuff when he was 30-40? How many cases were hushed by the cops? How many suicides did take place because of this sleaze. Will those people get justice?

The above two cases draw a picture similar to the one portrayed here. The society can be viewed as a tree with the fruits representing the justice. The men in power, which include the rich, politicians, and the social elite, are fat monkeys sitting on the top of the tree enjoying the fruits. There are a some good fat monkeys however, they are powerless compared to most of the other fat monkeys. A good number of the police are the monkeys hired by these evil fat monkey to sit on the branches of the tree and protect the evil fat monkeys. A few good monkeys who are in the Police, are never let to climb higher in the tree to become strong and kick the bad fat monkeys from the tree. The general public, is the one sitting on the bottom of the tree waiting for the fruits to ripen and fall down. Sadly the fruits of justice usually turn sour as they ripen and reach the general masses.

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