December 5, 2009

Minaret Ban - Why all the fuss?

Last week the Swiss decided to impose a ban on new minarets and this resulted in a huge hue and cry. I am not able to understand the reason for the attention given to such issues. Every country has a right to decide or impose some restrictions within its territory. Why are Islamic nations making such a hue and cry? Rather they should set examples on how such issues need to be handled. Before pointing out fingers to other nations one must look deep inside to see if similar problems exists in their own countries. Take the example of churches in Saudi Arabia, or restrictions to non Muslims during Ramadan in Dubai . Now if your country has a right to impose restrictions then one should allow others one to impose restrictions.

I would like to conclude with a slight digression considering the Demographics of India . Turbans are banned in France, however this has not stopped Manmohan Singh (a Sikh) from holding talks with Sarkozy on this issue and most importantly on other issues which concern Europe and India.

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