December 29, 2009

The Great Indian Tamasha: गल्लीत गोंधळ दिल्लीत मुजरा

I am really glad that I saw the movie गल्लीत गोंधळ दिल्लीत मुजरा. This movie, along with मी शिवाजी राजे भोसले बोलतोय, are currently among the best movies based around the Indian Elections.

Lately, the political activities of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which was at one time considered to be an alternative to the Indian National Congress (INC), have shown that the above movies should remove their disclaimer of being works of fiction. I believe Gadkari is sweating to prove that one cannot swim against the wave of being myopic and greedy; he has thus given the finishing touches of his mutation into a person who is completely different from what he was during his stint as PWD minister of Maharashtra. The decision of joining hands with Shibu Soren is perfect case of गोंधळ and मुजरा, as it was the BJP that disrupted the proceedings in both houses of parliament while seeking Sorens arrest. Such double standards are nothing but a miscarriage of the electoral process and democracy. The demon who is responsible for the plight of the tribals in the mineral rich state of India, the very demon whose orders are followed by the coal mafia, has now been officially chosen by the majority of the people to solve the problems created by goons hired by his fellow demons. Time will only tell how much fuel this decision shall add to the Naxal and Maoist movements in this region.

On the other side of the country, when the people of Andra are dancing to the tune of diversity in unity and not मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा, the CM of its neighboring state is performing a मुजरा by sleeping with the enemy. While the candles are being burnt to jail Rathore, the CM is ensuring that a religious extremist and a sex tainted representative of the people is being rewarded with a chair in the state cabinet. Well this shows that we Indians are not different from chimps; the alpha male is still important in the Indian society and is best suited as a ruler.

Are such governments in in any way close to the राम राज्य (Ram Rajya), that Gandhi visioned? The above problems are a clear indicator of India's problems: lack of education, and growing intolerance motivated by religious extremism; these two snakes are choking the future of this wonderful country by their loop of mating which is producing the eggs of high fertility rates. Sadly, according to democracy, the vote of a pimp who leeches on the flesh of minors is considered to be equal to the vote from a person like Gandhi. At one point of time Vajpayee followed by Manmohan Singh were expected to be answer at least some of these problems, but as of now no political party, is worthy of being the representative of the people. I am slowly getting a feeling that the end of democracy is inching closer with each election in India.

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