December 30, 2009

Being Energy Efficient: Avoid Giving "Google It!" as an Answer

"Google It!" or many a times simply "Google!" (well only a few of us say Yahoo with an exclamation, even when it has an ! in its name). This phrase is most heard when one asks a question to a friend or a colleague these days. For all mortals who are yet to understand the true meaning of this phrase, it means, search for it on, or, or For example,

Q: What does ... mean?
A: Google It!

Q: I would also like to buy it, How much did you pay for it on ... ?
A: Gooooogle!

The question can be the most silliest, however, are we being energy efficient by saying Google It. One might say, after listening to the answer, there is high probability that the listener will Google. However, one must not forget a few golden words of wisdom can reduce the number of searches. Now lets see if we are being GREEN and energy efficient we are by saying Google It, compared to saying a few words that can avoid if not reduce the searches.

According to the official Google blog, each query consumes about 1 kJ of energy. Also the time required to consume this energy is about 0.2 seconds; note that this does not account for the number of CPU cycles consumed in your machine, and those in the intermediate routers and firewalls [People in India and China, consume more given the current state of the internet in these countries]. Further, according to the same blog, a human being takes about 10 seconds to burn the same 1 kJ. I am sure, simulating your little grey cells during the complex tasks such as Farming and Animal Husbandry consumes far less energy.

So, after being bombarded by a silly question, I request each one of you to take about 10 seconds of your time to come up with an optimum answer that shall avoid if not minimize the subsequent Google searches. However, if you believe that your body is in the highest state of energy and even a small disturbance can cause turmoil on this planet, then you may answer, "Google It!"

PS: In any case please refrain from doing this.
Q: Another Silly Question?
A: The-most-brilliant-answer

Q: How do you spell "The-most-brilliant-answer"?
A: Google It!

Wishing you happy random walks after Google It's :)..


Prabhat K Gupta said...

Cool Post!!!
But I am sorry, I spent 1 kj energy + 20 seconds of mine writing this comment and it will also make readers waste their few seconds too :P

Anonymous said...

Nice one!!