September 8, 2009

How to configure and synchronize Google Calendar in Thunderbird? : Use Lightning with CalDAV

There are a few Thunderbird Add-ons that help one use Google Calendar; however, one of the the simplest and the easiest way to access, synchronize, and hence use Google calendar in Thunderbird is by using CalDAV. I am not sure which features one misses out on using this technique compared to the Add-ons available, hence, I am not the best to compare this technique with those provided by the Add-ons. However, this technique has worked seamlessly for me.

The following steps need to be followed to enable Thunderbird you use your calendar at Google Calendar. The assumptions are: Thunderbird is installed with the Lightning Add-on, and you have a Google account and can access Google Calendar.

1. Open Thunderbird. Click on (in the menu) Go->Calendar (Ctrl+3).

2. Click (in the menu): Calendar->New Calendar. A new window will be open which asks you
to create a new calendar.

3. Select "On the Network" and Click "Next"

4. Select CalDav and in the Location Field enter: [ your Google Calendar ID ] /events

For your primary calendar your Google Calendar ID is your email address: For example, [ME] For specific calendars in google calendar one can use the technique provided here. PLEASE SELECT HTTPS and not http.

5. Assign it a name and other properties you wish to assign.

6. Once this is done, you will be prompted for your google id and password.

Voila!!! You can now synchronize your Google Calendar with Thunderbird. To check it add an event in Google Calendar from your web browser and see if that event shows up in Thunderbird and vice-versa. It will work, but I would advise you to try it.

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