June 26, 2008

Light Pollution

The snaps presented on APOD such as the one posted on this day or on this day, makes me wonder why cant we get to see such a sky in the cities. The reason is light pollution. Yes, we've all heard of Air, Water, and Soil pollution, but only a few of us have really heard and felt the effects the Light Pollution. I had first heard of this form of pollution a few years back on a documentary shown on the BBC. The wiki page on Light Pollution gives a nice overview of this menace. Reducing light pollution has now become a necessity as my nephews and nieces cannot enjoy the sky as I used to when I went to school. It is not that I had a good view of the sky during my childhood but atleast it is was not twilight for the whole night when I used to go to school. Anyways, here are few pics that I thought could be used to illustrate how horrible the problem is here in Delhi. The first snap was taken from the passage connecting the Mech Dept (Block III) to Block IV. It was taken while I was going for dinner, i.e., at about 7:30 - 7:45 in the evening.

The next snap was taken when I came back from my hostel. It was taken at about 9:30 in the night.

Notice the orange tint of the sky. It is not black, but orange. It is orange at 9 in the night and stays orange till 4 in the morning, i.e., till the first rays of the sun brighten the sky. The next photo was taken at around 1:30 am in the morning on the 28th of June (the wide angle was obtained by stitching two photos). Again notice the orange tint and the source of the light pollution. Such lamps, though beautiful, need to be banned if we want to control the light pollution on a long run.

Well but as usual nature has her own way of fighting pollution. The next snap is one way how we can help address the problem of light pollution, and global warming :). It was taken on the 2nd of July while I was returning to my hostel for dinner (at about 7:30 in the evening).

The next snap is on the passage from which you enter Block IV. This is the route normally taken to avoid the Main Building while coming to the Blocks during the day. It closes at about 7 in the night.

The next snap is of the entrance to the Main Building. As the Block IV entrance is closed, we take this entrance. It is also called the wind tunnel, as it also acts like a perfect lamp shade.

The next snap was taken near the hospital. Unlike the the Queens Necklace the trees here help in controlling the light pollution.

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