June 10, 2008

A Night at India Gate.

9th June 2008. It was going to be Prem's last night as a student in Delhi. We decided to go to Andhra Bhavan for dinner. On our way back we decided to take a few snaps at India Gate. Sadly, by the time we reached all the lights had been switched off, so we decided to take only a photo of India Gate by increasing the exposure time. The photo given below was taken by changing the exposure time to 6 seconds. This is how it looks after the lights are switched off in the night. You can notice faint blue lines originating from the ground near the second and third unlit lamp post. These lines are of a glowing blue yo-yo, the most noticeable toy sold by the vendors here at India GATE, being thrown in the air.

The next photo was taken on the road next to India Gate by Vaibhav. I tried to stay still and as close as possible to the footpath but even then it was a bit scary as the people in Delhi know how to drive in only two modes, stay still as there is a traffic jam or speed at full throttle to bang into someone to create a traffic jam.

On our way back we decided to take snap of Bharti Building. This is where we spent most of our 2 years. This is what we used to see each day before we went to sleep, what we used to see each day when we woke up from our sleep, and this is the place that woke most of us and hopefully shall wake many more from the state of deep sleep.

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