May 24, 2008

Walk to Nescafe

It was 5 in the evening; time for a break. We (Arun, Debdoot, and me) decided to go to the central nescafe at IIT. I decided to take my camera just to take some snaps of the route normally taken by us while coming to the lab. So here are a few snaps and try out a few modes. The snaps were taken at ISO 80 as it is pretty bright here during this time of the day. For some photos I used the Unsharp Mask filter to get better clarity. The slide show for the album is given below.

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Anonymous said...

Ashwin, the problem of light pollution sadly is growing as humans continually develop land for residential and commercial use. I pay more attention to it now since I saw glorious Saturn through a rather large telescope almost 2 years ago. Seeing the planet for myself was amazng. Btw, nice photography.