May 24, 2008

Creating Panoramic views using Gimp

A few days back I shot a few snaps from the top floor of my department, here at IIT Delhi. The scenery was good and luckily it had rained a few hours back, resulting in a visibly rich foliage. 
I took 5 snaps and created a panoramic view using GIMP. For this I used the Pandora plugin which is freely available. The process involved is simple.
  1. You open a new image in GIMP, do not worry of the size.
  2. Now once a new image has been created, open the images as layers. You can use any overlap percentage currently as it is better to manually overlap the images.
  3. Re-arrange the layers such that the topmost layer is the layer that is seen on the right side of the final image.
  4. Delete the last layer, which is a blank layer created initially.
  5. Just make the last 2 layers visible and use the move tool in the tools dialog to manually overlap the images. Select the overlapping as dissolve and not normal in the layers dialog.
  6. Repeat this process till all the layers are visible.
  7. If needed create a background layer which is black in color.
Voila you are done with a simple panoramic view. The one I have made is a serious rookie attempt to create a panoramic view, but it was worth the effort. 

The slide show of the album is available here.

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